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About Us

Pinpoint Korea

Pinpoint Korea is a Korea-based travel website that introduces unique destinations with a focus on the country’s 5,000-year-long history. Pinpoint Korea aims to offer a more in-depth look for people across the globe who already have a prior interest in Korea, but want to know more.


Allison Needels is a Ph.D. student of Korean Art and Archaeology at Korea University. Korean culture, and East Asian culture more broadly, has played a considerable role in her life from a young age. She wrote her MA thesis (SOAS, University of London) on the influence of Joseon porcelain in contemporary artwork. Her research has been introduced at academic conferences in both London and Seoul. She obtained her BA (Honours) in Chinese Studies from the University of Manchester in 2016 and has spent time living in Hong Kong. You can catch her outside Pinpoint Korea on KBS World Radio (Korea24) or on her podcast, “What’s Han Your Mind?”.

Guest Writers

Hannah Roberts lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. You can find her on Instagram at @hannahinternational or on her personal art page @byhannahlou. Hear her segment on Korean travel at KBS World Radio, Korea24.