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What’s Patreon you may be asking?

Patreon is a platform that empowers businesses by connecting them with paying patrons who support their work with monthly installments at various prices. As a reward, patrons get extra goodies and exciting new content not accessible to the public.

For us here at What’s Han Your Mind?, we want to get a better understanding of who our audience is and connecting with all of you on a deeper level. Your generous donation will go towards things such as website expenses, funding experiences, and Patreon benefits while meanwhile providing us with the opportunity to create unique content that may not have been possible otherwise.

We are SO immensely grateful to you all for your support!

How does it work?

You can be one of our patrons at one of four tiers:


Haechi is a mythical unicorn-lion from ancient Korea, a warder of evil and a beloved emblem of Seoul. Become a Haechi today and each month you’ll receive:

– Early access to our weekly podcast
– An exclusive podcast story
– PDF listicles of our TOP events and destinations


What’s nobler than the soaring and beautiful Phoenix? Phoenixes play an important role in Korean architecture, as they’re representatives of the South cardinal direction. Become one of our loyal Phoenixes today and every month you’ll receive:

– Everything from the Haechi tier
– A hand-written postcard


The winged horse, Chollima, is about as majestic of a creature as they come. Its modern version is more closely associated with the North Korean people who honor and praise the horse. Join our stampede of Chollima today and every month you’ll get:

– Everything from the previous tiers
– A shout-out in our podcasts
– An exclusive video-tour of our favorite spots!


Dragons hold command over the kingdom; they represent the King himself and can be found all over palaces, temples, and landmarks in Korea. Become one of our powerful Dragons and every month you’ll receive:

– Everything from the previous tiers
– A monthly gift from us sent directly to your house (regular posting time applies, tracking not included)

Still have questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to ASAP. We can’t wait to meet you and share many more exciting adventures and stories about Korea with you. Keep on learning!

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